New Home Construction

Top 6 reasons to explore new construction

Advantages to buying new:

  • Builder Incentives  Many builders currently offer significant contributions towards buyer closing costs and/or free upgrades such as appliances, flooring, counter tops, etc.
  • New Home Warranty  Any problems?  The builder will fix it. (Per the builder’s warranty and/or product’s manufacturer’s warranty.)
  • Save on Homeowners Insurance  Newly built homes are built to current Hurricane codes – insurers will discount accordingly
  • Energy Savings  New homes are many times more energy efficient than those built just a few years ago.  Green Homes now include the latest energy efficient appliances, wiring, windows and upgraded insulation resulting in big savings over time
  • Choices  Customize your home to suit your needs?  Choose your floor plan, features, upgrades, etc.
  • Other Financial Advantages  Every resale home requires renovations to some degree.  This requires either out-of-pocket cash or a home improvement loan at a relatively high interest rate.  With new construction, upgrades can be rolled into the lower interest mortgage and paid for over time

Let us know if you are interest in new construction and we will provide an updated list of homes, prices and expected completion dates.