2014 – 2015 Night and Day Lifestyle Update


2015 has exploded out the gate!  We aren’t even half way through January and I feel like I’m either barely holding onto the whip end of a ride or pushing it to go faster.

I’ll just say right here… My Oregon Ducks thrashing Florida on the 1st is an OUTSTANDING way to start any year.

So what is this specific post about?  Lifestyle updates, closing out 2014 in short order and welcoming in 2015.  Its me setting into motion what I said I would do and am doing. No New Year resolutions here.  The end of each year I take a few days to reflect, take an account of goals I’ve completed, those I’m still working on and re-enter my energy for the new goals to come.

Last year I set out to update my lifestyle, bringing more of what I desired into my reality and eliminating or minimizing those lesser areas.  Eliminating time and energy suckers like drive times, making sure meetings and deliverables stayed on task and on time and honoring work and personal time management were key areas.  Being diligent and sticking to affirmations accumulated over 2014 which resulted in 2015 exploding out the gate.  This year compared to last year is already the difference between night and day.

So blah, blah, yea, yea, so what… I left out the details for good reasons, not boring you is one of them another is context.  I’ll share as needed to make key points and within enough context as reasonable through this year and will not be boring.

There are new lifestyles to explore throughout Tampa Bay and Sarasota.

This is going to be a FANTASTIC year!  Off we go!



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