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As a seller you have the same rights to representation as a buyer.  Obviously a buyer hires an agent for their expertise, market knowledge, and representation in handling the sale of their home.  You also have the right to have someone properly representing your needs in selling your property.

The best part, Lifestyle by Design works with you to negotiate the best terms, rates and conditions while taking the pressure off you!  We are there for you every step of the way.

Informed choices ~ relevant information

Seller Benefits ~

♦  Provide a Comparative Market Analysis
♦  Devise a marketing strategy
♦  Professionally list your property
♦  Provide a professional photographer / videographer
♦  Arrange Property Showings
♦  Screen Buyer Financing
♦  Provide Property Data
♦  Explain Forms and Agreements
♦  Coordinate Closings
♦  Promote and protect sellers best interest
♦  Negotiate the best price and terms for seller
♦  Keep seller’s strategy and thoughts confidential unless authorized to disclose
♦  Negotiate home inspection repairs in favor of the seller
♦♦ Put the Seller FIRST during the entire process!

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