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Let's mix it up a bit.  With a bit of strategy planning, Lifestyle by Design can take the pressure off by filling in where you need us.  We make it easy, by creating a strategy that fits your needs in advance of placing your property on the market.

Options, Options, Options...

  • Access to key selling elements
  • Maximum Syndication Exposure (optional)
    • Picked-up by over 350 3rd party sites
    • MLS,, Zillow, RealtyTrack, etc.
  • Devise a selling strategy (optional)
  • Comparative Market Analysis (optional)
  • Provide professional photos / videographer (optional)

More Options...

  • 3, 6 or 12 month MLS Listing options
  • Agent representation (Limited or Full)
  • Showing screening and coordination (optional)
  • Screen Buyer Financing (optional)
  • Provide and explain documents (optional)
  • Coordinate closing (optional)
  • Negotiations at critical points (optional)

You choose where you need us, in advance.

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